Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

We are canadian IT developers and electrical mechanics with years of experience in cryptocurrency. We are registered in Qu├ębec and Canada.
Our goal is to make mining accessible to the general public, simply, safely and help you be financially free.

Are you present at the announced event ?

We are not exhibiting at the moment. We try to be present as a visitor at each event. If we cannot be present, we have knowledge on site.

What payment method do you support ?

Bitcoin (Mainnet and Lightning Network), Hundreds of Altcoins (Trocador partner), Miningnumeric Gift Cards, PayPal and Credit Card


No fees for Cryptocurrency. 3% Fees for PayPal and Credit Card. Minimum 50$. Exchange rate provided by Kraken. All deposits are carefully checked and available within 5 minutes and 2 hours.


No withdrawal fees, except network fees. Minimum 50$. The transaction ID will be provided to you. Exchange rate provided by coingate. All withdrawals are carefully checked and available within 5 minutes and 2 hours.

Plans and Pricing

We are constantly growing and our packages adapt to our availability. All charge fees (electricity, air conditioning, tax and maintenance) are already deducted. All prices are in US dollars. You buy an plan for 3 years.

Do you have insurance ?

Yes, we have an insurance program with a capacity of 200 millions US dollars. Coverage includes: loss or physical damage to cryptocurrency private key, equipments and buildings.

Do you sell/ship asics ?

We have an in-house or ebay store. All Asics Refurbished With PSU. Free International Shipping. 30 days warranty from date of shipment. All sales are final and cannot be refunded or returned. If customs fees apply, they must be paid by you.

Do you have bonus ?

We have a RubyNumeric reward system. We have no signup bonus or referral bonus.

Privacy and Security

All your informations is encrypted. No KYC Required. Valid Email Required. Multiple accounts are not permitted.

I am still looking for the answer to my question, what can I do ?

All our official communication links are Telegram, Email, Facebook and X. We will answer you within 5 minutes and 2 hours.